Delivery Time: 2-5Days

Price: $ 55


This service is for Unbarring / Cleaning your Sprint IMEI and it supports all Mobile brands and models.

Unbarring from Lost or Stolen to Clean or Unpaid Bills. 

Please note if your device is financed or has unpaid bills it will still show that once unbarring is done, it will NOT remove your balance.



Before Service Eligibility Status: Lost or Stolen After Service Eligibility Status: UNPAID BILLS or CLEAN

Please use our Sprint Checker before and after results for verification, no other checkers are accepted❗️ Checker---->  Sprint Pro Checker + SPCS YES/NO + iCloud & FMI Status (iOS or Android) Please note after unbarring is done it's best practices for the device to work on an AT&T MVNO or Verizon MVNO. Warranty: 5 days Any orders over 5 business days you will have to resubmit the order, source rules.